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We have no idea. We would never do that and we would never invest in a company that planned to do that.

If your business plan is to directly compete against a huge company then the best advice we can give you is Dont.

The companies we invest in avoid competing against big companies. They try to be smarter:

1. Do the same thing, but in a different geography – for example, Convoy Inc [] in the US and BlackBuck (Zinka Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) [] in India are big successful companies that would be hard to compete against. So we invested in Truck It In [] in Pakistan.

2. Target a different segment of the market. We invested in MOOVA [] to provide courier services in Argentina. FedEx [], DHL [], etc. are already strong in that market. We would not have invested in Moova to directly compete with them. But Moova targets online sellers, integrates with the top e-commerce platforms in the region like Mercado Libre, and provides a service tuned and priced for this market segment, unlike the global couriers.

3. Do something where there are no big players already. We invested in Jatri []
 in Bangladesh and T40 Technologies [] in Nigeria to help them provide road and ferry transport ticketing and booking to travellers in those countries. There are plenty of big global players in plane ticketing, but who does bus ticketing? This is a wide-open market.

If you want to make angel investments in emerging markets companies with small to medium ticket sizes please rea

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