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It was the 5th of September 2021, we (I, Muhammad Mustafa [] & Saqib Waheed [])were sitting at a Chikichino Islamabad, as we didn’t had a office, discussing agriculture, farmers, and how to add value to them. Some days later on the 10th of September, we left for Okara(honestly, didn’t had any clear idea what we were going to do there).

In Okara, farmers welcomed us with open arms, we enjoy the Punjabi hospitality, and they even give us trackter ride as it was raining that day. There we just do what we did at Chikichino, talk about agriculture and how we hope to add value to it but this time with the farmers themselves.

On 14th of September, we dispatched our first potato truck. Till today (1 year past) Allhamdulilah we have dispatched total 200+ trucks of potato solely and volume of 6000tons which is around 6,000,000kgs direct from farmers.

We have built strong relationships with farmers if there is any discrepancy we have resolved it there and then or through our feedback.

Alhamdulillah we have 100% retention rate.

But now farmers need help in inputs, fertilizers, pesticides, solar tube wells and we can’t do all these things alone.

So, we request and welcome all investors, Agritech startups, fertilizers companies and all markets to help us to make our mission further. The reason of telling this story is to demonstrate to you how things start from a discussion over a dinner and go all the way up.

Hence, please reach out to me if you have any idea so we can discuss it over chat or may be a dinner. In my experience, these dinner ideas have turned out to be fantastic.

We are on a mission to reduce wastage, increase production and better the life of our stake holders. If you also feel the same then we have to join hands to be

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