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Generally great advice from Thomas J. W. [] of Stonks [] and well worth reading, but we are going to call him out on one thing.

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Venture capital is about funding new and extremely risky businesses. A key characteristic of the business is a return distribution that looks more like a power law than a normal distribution. We invest in companies that will probably fail, but if they succeed will return 10X, 50X, 100X, or even more. That is venture capital.

At Reflect Ventures [] almost all of what we do is “funding a company to ‘run the same, proven playbook’ [or a variation of it] in a different market or geography.” This is venture capital.

We invest in neighborhood store supply chain, transport ticketing, farm to store, trucking marketplaces, etc. again and again and again but in different emerging markets and geographies. It is a great model.

If you are looking for opportunities to invest in exciting startups in emerging markets with individual investors tickets as low as USD 2,500 please contact us at [email protected] [[email protected]].

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