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Emerging market supply chains are undergoing revolutionary change as widespread adoption of smart phones and other tech enables new business models. This contrasts with developed markets where change has been evolutionary and opportunities are smaller.

Big industries in emerging markets are undergoing major structural change and new players will dominate the future of these economies. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to displace incumbents and own big chunks of the world’s fastest growing economies. This is why Reflect Ventures [] invests in supply chain, distribution, and logistics in emerging markets.

Supply chains are absolutely foundational to modern economies. Without supply chains we have no food, no cars, no computers, no buildings. The opportunities here dwarf sectors like DTC brands and better ways of showing cat videos to bored first worlders.

If you want to invest in the companies that are building the 21st Century’s Digital Infrastructure with tickets as low as USD 2,500 per deal please email [email protected] [[email protected]].

Hat tip to Joanna Glasner [] at Crunchbase [].

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